Dis-Advantages of VOIP

Dis-Advantages of VOIP

While VoIP has a number of advantages there are a few dis-advantages as well.

  • Can be down if internet goes out
  • Not available when power loss
  • Poor quality on poorly configured networks
  • Poor quality if on some inexpensive internet lines

While these things can affect your VoIP service, it’s important to properly plan your VoIP installation to prevent them.  First, if you host your services in the cloud, hosting providers like Hello VoIP have redundancies in place to prevent internet and power outages.  Additionally you should have a quality technician maintain your network. Poorly configured networks not only affect call quality but can be a security concern as well.  Lastly,  when choosing your internet connection for the office, make sure to choose a plan that’s designed for your business size.  So even though there are a few dis-advantages, you can prevent them very easily.

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