Your internet speed and latency is the most important aspect of Voice over IP.  Voice calls that work over the internet require at least 56kbps per simultaneous call. Additionally, the latency should be under 120ms.  Businesses with 25 extensions should expect to see a maximum of 5 to 7 simultaneous calls during a busy time. That means you should have at least 392kbps available at any time. This is not a difficult to achieve.  Most cable and fiber small business connections run on average 50mbps which is over 100x faster then the required bandwidth. However, if you’re business streams a lot of video or is hosting applications that demand large amounts of bandwidth, then a QOS (quality of service) router may be needed to prioritize your voice traffic to ensure that all calls complete with the highest quality.

If you’re unsure if your results are good enough for HelloVoIP service, please give us a call to discuss.  Some of our plans come with dedicated internet that we install and manage so it doesn’t every hit your network.



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