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Basics of Voice over IP

Voice Over IP (VoIP) has been around for many years.  However, it’s only in the past 5-7 years that high speed affordable bandwidth has been widely available to most businesses in the US where it makes financial sense to move to VoIP.  Additionally, with the introduction of fiber to the building, latency has decreased and […]

Quality of Service

What is Quality of Service? Quality of Service or QOS as it’s commonly referred to in the IT community is the process of prioritizing specific traffic on your computer network.  When you have limited bandwidth or trouble with connections within your network, it may be necessary to configure QOS to ensure that voice calls are […]

Advantages of VOIP

VoIP has quite a few advantages over digital and analog phone systems. Here’s a list of a few Lower cost of ownership Monthly service fees can be significantly lower Features like voicemail to email, fail-over, advanced routing Ability to put extensions anywhere with an internet connection

Dis-Advantages of VOIP

While VoIP has a number of advantages there are a few dis-advantages as well. Can be down if internet goes out Not available when power loss Poor quality on poorly configured networks Poor quality if on some inexpensive internet lines While these things can affect your VoIP service, it’s important to properly plan your VoIP […]



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